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2022 Dark Sky Award winners

Jess Dixon

We are extremely proud to announce that the International Dark-Sky Association (IDA) has awarded Thorn Lighting the 'Lighting Design and Technical Innovation Award' for 2022.

According to the IDA's website, 'This award is given to individuals, organizations, or businesses that - through progressive design, construction, technological innovation, and entrepreneurship - support IDA and its mission to preserve night skies by promoting  quality outdoor nighttime lighting.'

We extend special thanks to our nominator and industry friend Ian Harker (Cumbria County Council) who was supported by Jack Ellerby at Friends of the Lake District. Over recent months, we have successfully collaborated with both of these organisations to implement responsible lighting schemes across towns and villages in the English county of Cumbria.

When announcing the 2022 winners on social media, the IDA’s Executive Director, Ruskin Hartley said, ‘I am excited to announce the International Dark-Sky Association 2022 Dark Sky Award winners. These remarkable individuals are the force behind the global #darkskymovement as they advance policy solutions to restore the nighttime environment and protect communities and wildlife from light pollution.’

With this recognition from the IDA, we will continue to champion responsible outdoor lighting at night with the shared goal of protecting our planet for future generations. 

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Protecting Cumbria’s dark skies | Thorn Lighting, Cumbria County Council & partners