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Time to replace your Fluorescent Lamps?

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Webinar: Working on a school project?

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Time to replace your CFL Dowlights?

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Our Journey

Sustainable actions form a key part of the Zumtobel Group’s corporate strategy. In line with the wider company, we too are committed to conducting business in a way which will ensure we safeguard the planet for future generations.

We care about

Energy Efficiency

Our intention is to become your partner of choice when it comes to achieving the sustainability goals of any lighting project. This means being as transparent as possible and helping you with the required Lighting Energy Numerical Indicator (LENI) or embodied carbon calculations. We commit to continuing our work with our suppliers on sustainable procurement, offer our employees an excellent place to work, and excite our customers not only for our light but also for our sustainable products, services and data.

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Sustainable Technologies

Lighting solutions should improve the way a space functions, but it is also important that those solutions provide enhanced sustainability credentials throughout the product or technology's lifetime. Traditionally, those sustainability credentials have been met when the energy-savings box has been ticked. But that's no longer enough. How can we go further?


Actions speak louder than words

Our job is to help you achieve your own sustainability targets. To do so, we provide access to clear and transparent ISO accredited EPDs and offer circularity-focused products for your projects.

In 2020, we received EcoVadis’ Silver Sustainability Rating. Recently, we turned that gold, putting us in the top 7% of companies involved in the manufacture of electric lighting equipment.

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Sustainable applications

Your project, your sustainability aspirations, our solutions

For a lighting installation to truly contribute towards achieving the sustainability aspirations of a project, we need to understand the wider challenges of a specific lighting application. Below, you can select the main application that you’re working on, to find out how we can further enhance your sustainability ambitions.

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Sustainable partnerships

We’ve established some valuable partnerships over the past few years

Firstly, it’s essential that we partner with the right people to ensure we’re measuring ourselves correctly. This is why we rely on EcoVadis to delve intimately into our business to ensure that the positive changes we’re making are impacting our planet effectively. However, as we measure the Thorn business, we also measure the sustainability credentials of our products. This is why we have partnered with Bauen und Umwelt to correctly measure the data that goes into our product EPDs.

We care about

Sustainable Development Goals

That’s why we signed up to twelve of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s)

Any sustainability credential should make a positive difference to our planet. That is a foundational building block for any sustainable strategy. It is important that we take the broadest possible view of the issue to implement and effective initiative. We can further enhance our positive impact on the planet by partnering with sustainability experts and aiming for an aligned approach.

The goals that we are committed to span both a business improvement aspiration as well as customer amplification potential.

By committing to meaningful change across the key topics we’re able to improve our impact on most effectively, we can help our customers further grow their own aspirations into the future.