Let's talk refurbishment

The word refurbishment is top of the mind more than ever with many companies looking at whether to build (new) or refurbish. But before we jump too far ahead let’s start simple!

What does refurbishment actually mean? Well if we go with a literal meaning, it’s the process of improving a space by cleaning, decorating and or re-equipping. As part of a refurbishment, it can also include ‘retro-fitting’ whereby the aim is to make a building more energy efficient and sustainable. The word refurbishment actually derives from the Latin words re (again) and furbish (to polish) and describes making improvements to the current condition of a building and improving its current use or appearance.

To further explain, the words renovation or restoration (which in essence is the restoration of a building to its former condition) are used interchangeably with refurbishment.

So to summarise, refurbishment can mean cosmetic works ‘renovations’ (such as painting and decorating), upgrading, and major repair work, through to alterations, conversions, extensions and modernisations.

What's driving the refurbishment market

There are many factors currently influencing the refurbishment market.

Here we’re going to briefly explain 6 of them.

We Know Refurbishment

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Our history of refurbishment projects

Refurbishment, energy saving, efficiency, sustainability… it’s in our DNA.

Are you considering a refurbishment to your building either inside or out? Well, when it comes to refurbishment thanks to nearly 100 years in lighting manufacturing we like to think we know a thing or two.

Simply put, We Know Refurbishment so whether you’re looking to improve energy efficiency, mitigate against rising energy costs, reduce CO2 or you need to replace your non LED lamps, when it comes to refurbishment we have a range of solutions to help meet your goals.

Now let's take a look at some of the project's we've completed over the years!

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From LED Tubes, CFLs to Full replacement!

Why consider a full refurbishment

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