Sustainability in Action

Omega Moduline: Illuminating Sustainable Excellence in Lighting Design

Richard Garrett

In the bustling world of architectural design, where innovation meets sustainability, every element matters. It's not just about functionality; it's about making a statement, leaving an impression, and, importantly, treading lightly on the planet. In this dynamic landscape, Thorn's Omega Moduline emerges as an exceptional example of sustainable brilliance, earning its place among the nominees for Light & Building's Architeller Awards with |PSA Publishers Ltd.

Nominated for its remarkable blend of technical prowess and environmental conscientiousness, Omega Moduline is not just another indoor luminaire; it's a testament to thoughtful design and engineering. At its core lies a commitment to sustainability, manifested through a host of innovative features aimed at reducing environmental impact without compromising on performance.

What sets Omega Moduline apart is its modular design, specifically crafted to maximize service life and minimize waste. Utilizing replaceable linear LED modules and drivers, this luminaire ensures longevity while offering the flexibility to adapt to changing needs. Whether it's a shift in colour temperature or a desire to upgrade to the latest technology, Omega Moduline allows for seamless transitions, saving both resources and costs in the long run.

Great, sustainable illumination

But sustainability isn't just about longevity; it's also about efficiency. With an impressive efficacy of up to 153 lm/W and low-glare light output (UGR <19), Omega Moduline strikes the perfect balance between performance and optical comfort. Its deep recessed cells and primary lenses ensure precise light distribution, creating an inviting ambiance without causing discomfort or glare—a testament to Thorn's dedication to both form and function.

Installation flexibility is another hallmark of Omega Moduline. With a slim profile of just 33 mm, it seamlessly integrates into various ceiling configurations, making it suitable for a wide range of architectural settings. Whether recessed, suspended, or surface-mounted, this luminaire adapts effortlessly to its environment, enhancing aesthetics while maintaining functionality.


Moreover, Omega Moduline doesn't just illuminate spaces; it intelligently adapts to them. Equipped with advanced control options such as presence detection, daylight dimming, and Bluetooth® wireless connectivity, it empowers users to tailor their lighting experience according to their preferences and needs. From optimizing energy usage to enhancing user comfort, these features make Omega Moduline a truly intelligent lighting solution for modern spaces.

Take, for instance, its optional Microwave Sensor (MWS) or PIR Dual Sensor (HFSX). These innovative additions not only enhance energy efficiency by automatically adjusting light levels based on occupancy and ambient light conditions but also contribute to creating a more comfortable and productive environment for occupants. With Omega Moduline, there's no more worrying about remembering to turn off lights or struggling with inconsistent lighting levels—efficiency and comfort go hand in hand.

Furthermore, Omega Moduline's built-in Bluetooth wireless controller (BC) and PIR sensor (PIRBC) offer unparalleled convenience and customization options, allowing users to control and configure their lighting with ease. Whether it's adjusting brightness levels, setting up personalized lighting schedules, or integrating with other smart building systems, the possibilities are endless, putting users firmly in control of their lighting environment.

Omega Moduline received recognition at the Architellier Awards and it serves as a shining example of how technology and creativity can come together to create a brighter, more sustainable future—one illuminated space at a time. With Omega Moduline, the future of lighting is not just bright; it's brilliant.