Sustainability in Action

Thorn Lighting's Commitment to Circular Design: A Sustainable Illumination Revolution

Richard Garrett

Circular Design Principles

In an era where environmental consciousness is a top priority, Thorn Lighting stands out as a pioneer in the lighting industry, actively integrating circular design principles to usher in a new era of sustainable solutions. The company's dedication to environmental responsibility is evident in its innovative products such as the Chalice downlight, Avenue outdoor luminaire, and Omega Moduline, each embodying the ethos of circular design.

The Chalice downlight is a shining example of Thorn Lighting's commitment to sustainability. It has earned a prestigious SILVER design for disassembly rating, showcasing its tool-less assembly and a keen focus on sustainability. The incorporation of Variable Colour Temperature (VCT) technology, set to be introduced in 2024, adds another layer of innovation by providing users with a dynamic lighting experience. This not only enhances user satisfaction but also aligns with Thorn's mission to bring cutting-edge technology to the forefront of sustainable design.

The Avenue outdoor luminaire is undergoing a transformative redevelopment to offer customers a fully circular and upgradable solution. This forward-thinking approach includes the launch of refurbishment kits, allowing users to extend the lifespan of their luminaires and reduce the overall environmental impact. Moreover, the luminaire boasts an impressively high material recyclability, emphasising Thorn's commitment to creating products that contribute positively to the circular economy.

Thorn's Omega Moduline further exemplifies the company's dedication to circular design principles. This innovative linear LED system is engineered for longevity, featuring replaceable LED modules and drivers. The deep recessed cells and primary lenses not only ensure glare control and excellent efficacy but also contribute to the product's durability. The tool-free, quick-connect system and Variable Colour Temperature (VCT) ranging from 2700 K to 6500 K underscore Thorn's commitment to user-friendly and customisable lighting solutions.

One of the key aspects of Thorn Lighting's sustainable initiatives lies in its recognition of the value of Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs). EPDs play a crucial role in assessing and measuring the sustainability credentials of lighting solutions. Thorn has a well-established history of producing high-quality EPDs that meticulously outline parameters such as embodied and operational carbon, global warming potential, material composition, and recyclability over the entire product lifecycle.

By obtaining EPDs for their products, Thorn Lighting not only demonstrates transparency in their environmental impact but also provides a valuable tool for project stakeholders seeking green building certification. The comprehensive information contained in EPDs allows architects, designers, and decision-makers to make informed choices that align with their sustainability goals. Thorn's commitment to producing reliable and comprehensive EPDs serves as a lever, enabling projects to secure funding and recognition for their green building efforts.

In conclusion, Thorn Lighting's strategic integration of circular design principles into products like the Chalice downlight, Avenue outdoor luminaire, and Omega Moduline showcases a commitment to sustainability that goes beyond mere rhetoric. By emphasising innovation, user experience, and environmental responsibility, Thorn is paving the way for a brighter and more sustainable future in the realm of lighting design. The company's dedication to providing accurate and transparent sustainability information through EPDs further solidifies its position as a leader in the pursuit of eco-friendly lighting solutions.

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