In the health and care application, there are a few ways in which our lighting solutions can help meet our customers’ own sustainability goals, as well as those that we’ve committed to as a business.

Our indoor and outdoor products and technologies can provide energy efficient solutions for both new build projects and refurbishments. This ticks the climate action box. The Plurio lantern with NightTune technology, for example, can reduce energy usage while protecting dark skies and local wildlife when installed in a hospital car park. Indoor, a product such as Chalice can create energy savings when used in offices or consultation rooms. Operated using basicDIM Wireless or a lighting management system such as DALI means that when a space is not in use, lighting can be turned off or dimmed down.

Naturally, the good health and wellbeing SDG fits most appropriately with our health and care application in terms of both indoor and outdoor lighting. In the UK, we recently launched the Cavell bedhead luminaire, which offers optimum patient comfort for healthcare settings. The rationale behind the design (featuring downlight, uplight and dual light modes) ensures that only one luminaire is needed to cover a range of needs. The downlight function provides comfortable lighting for patients during the day and night, while the uplight function provides low-glare, soft lighting for the bed area. Delivered in a durable and hygienic powder-coated body, Cavell also promotes good health and wellbeing by being safe and easy to maintain, which is essential in hospital and care settings.

Throughout the Thorn portfolio, there are many more indoor and outdoor luminaires that can provide energy efficient solutions for health and care, ensuring that sustainability goals can be met by those planning, installing, designing or operating these buildings and surrounding spaces.

Comfort and accurate lighting is needed in treatment and consultation areas that are used daily by both medical professionals and patients. Used for treating injuries or examinations, lighting has to be fit for purpose, with little or no glare and allow good vision. Omega PRO 2 is a recessed ceiling luminaire that offers a large range of flexible options. From integrated sensors and emergency to high CRI and high lumen outputs with various optics – the Omega PRO 2 has a solution for all your healthcare needs.

Hospital wards are critical spaces that need suitable and considered lighting.

Around beds, lighting needs to be comfortable so that it doesn't negatively affect patients who are sleeping or recovering, while also allowing nursing staff to be able to complete their care safely. Thorn’s Cavell bedhead has been designed with the patient in mind with low glare comfortable lighting combined with various lighting level requirements stipulated in CIBSE: SLL Lighting Guide 2: Lighting for Healthcare Premises (2019).

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