We are seeing more and more customers coming to us from the industrial sector wanting to make changes to ensure they play their part in protecting our planet.

Thorn can offer indoor and outdoor solutions that deliver energy- and cost-saving opportunities, while having the qualities needed for them to operate in what are often tough or harsh environments. For industry, this includes products that are easy to maintain, products made from durable materials, and products built to the highest IK and IP ratings.

For outdoor, we are seeing increasing numbers of customers from industry wanting to find ways to reduce costs, boost energy conservation and safeguard their surroundings.

At Migros Verteilbetrieb in Neuendorf, Switzerland, Thorn's UrbaSens controls have been installed to ensure that in the hours of darkness, luminaires are only outputting the necessary amount of light. This means that when there is motion and activity taking place (including passing trains, moving lorries and workers), the light is at a higher intensity, but when there is no activity, the light output will reduce as it is no longer needed.

Also in Switzerland, Thorn Lighting and the wider Zumtobel Group have partnered with Bouygues Energies and Services to establish the country’s smallest smart city. The Bouygues premises, located on the river Aare, is home to a river hydropower plant and a hydrogen production facility operated by an external supplier. Thorn luminaires have been installed throughout the grounds, with permanent signage which will be used for educational purposes when potential customers are brought on-site to learn about lighting solutions.

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