The UN's sustainable development goals are as applicable to offices as any setting. That’s why we offer as much support as possible to our customers looking for office lighting solutions. Regardless of the office type, whether it's a purpose-built office block or an office in a school, hospital or shopping centre, it is important that its impact on the climate is minimised. We make this easier by offering office lighting solutions that provide energy savings and help ensure a healthy and comfortable workforce.

The products and solutions we provide can be used for state-of-the new build facilities, or refurbishments taking place in older properties. This could include projects where the end user wants to make adaptations to ensure they meet their own sustainability goals, but where there is perhaps a time or budget restriction. The Cetus downlight, for example, is available in three different recess sizes, making it extremely flexible. With a recessed depth of 100mm, each of these sizes can cover differences in ceiling cut-outs of 3-4cm. No retrofit rings are needed, creating no colour differences or installation steps at the ceiling, making it an ideal choice for refurbishments. Add to this LED modules and drivers which can be replaced by a professional, and you’ve got a product that meets boosts your sustainability credentials.

At 2 Stockport Exchange, a new six-story office building in Manchester, UK, Thorn’s Beta 2 luminaires were chosen for their ability to address an exacting design criteria as well result in a low cost of ownership for the Grade A office development as well as achieving significant energy savings because of the high efficacy of >100lm/W.

Other options are recessed luminaires such as Omega Pro 2 which, with its C-Kit, provides a connectivity ready, smart solution. Visit the product section of the Thorn website here to discover how our luminaires do a lot of the leg work, so you don't have to when you're working hard to meet your own SDGs.

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