Sports venues, whether a major stadium or a local tennis club, will want to implement as many sustainable solutions as is practicable for their unique requirements. The sheer power of sports lighting is an environmental factor that must be considered carefully. Thorn solutions minimise light pollution to residential spaces and wildlife with cutting-edge optics while also saving energy with smart controls.

Generally speaking, light fixtures designed to illuminate sporting facilities will have a high output. This means that we must be proactive in managing the light spill so spectators don’t experience discomfort glare. As such, the 12 rows of seating nearest to the pitch should be illuminated between 10 % and 30 % of the level of the illuminance on the pitch. With the right optic choice, we can be far more accurate in achieving these measures and ensuring that light spill and discomfort glare are well balanced.

The upward light ratio (ULR) value is used to calculate the maximum permitted percentage of light that may be emitted by a luminaire or lighting installation at or above the horizontal when mounted. It defines sky glow limitations based on four environmental zone categories – E1 to E4. Floodlights from Thorn are designed with quality optics that help minimise light pollution. By enabling installation without tilting, they also reduce glare and intrusive light. Asymmetrical floodlights mounted at 0° tilt focus the light forward with a defined cut-off to prevent intrusive light. If floodlights are tilted, vertical illuminance levels can increase significantly. Certain uniformity and value standards require lighting solutions that need tilting. Our lighting designers will help you find the best solution, one that also minimises spill light.



Pitches are particularly suitable for lower column heights and zero uplight lanterns.


Upward light ratio (ULR) values of lighting solutions must conform with EN 12193 environmental zone guidelines


For increased lighting comfort, reduced energy consumption and less maintenance cycles, use controls.

Stadium La Bombonera, Boca Juniors

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