Darlington, UK (2017)

Major refurbishment of residential and major roads in Darlington, UK

Project Type: Refurbishment / replacement of SON lamp technology

Why? To significantly reduce the council’s overall energy useage and CO2 emissions.

Solution? The CiviTEQ LED lantern thanks to 12 precise lighting distributions to allow for a variety of installation possibilities. The fitting is well-proportioned, compact and lightweight for easy handling and installation with low windage. Includes a comprehensive range of controls incorporating a Bi-Power Switch to activate or de-activate dimming on-site.

The Result?

“The Thorn CiviTEQ LED lantern was chosen due to its efficiency, photometric performance, low maintenance requirements and ease of installation. It offers a wide range of lumen outputs and light distribution options. The lanterns are ordered with pre-set adaptive lighting controls to provide more measured illumination during specific times and greater energy savings”.

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