EU Green Deal

"Climate neutrality is no longer a question of choice, it is beyond doubt a necessity.“ Charles Michel, European Council President, July 2020

Set out by the EU commission in Oct 2020, the Green deal is the EU’s commitment to reducing all GHG emissions (including emissions from buildings) by 55% by 2030.

However renovating large portions of the European Unions building stock is a massive undertaking. The building sector would reach net-zero in the late 2040s (McKinsey & Company 2021).

Whilst a building is being refurbished for any of the reasons we may have mentioned in points 1-4, lighting can play a part in the journey to reducing GHG emissions from buildings. How? Through reduced energy consumption thanks to updated lighting technologies, as well as the implementation of controls to assist in the monitoring and maintenance of a low carbon or net zero carbon building.