Marley Activities & Coaching Centre (2021)

Thorn Champion floodlights are a winner at Marley Sports Activities and Coaching Centre

Project Type: Upgrade to replace the outdated fluorescent solution with the latest LED technology

Why? The refurbishment of Marley Activities and Coaching Centre was instigated following a report into the district’s sports facilities released last year, which shone a critical light on the declining state of public pitches and fields, with sports clubs pointing to poor maintenance.

Solution? A winning combination of optics with Champion LED high performance floodlights. These were chosen for the upgrade to replace the outdated fluorescent solution with the latest LED technology, thus improving the quality of illumination and increasing energy savings.

Adam Brian, Energy Management Officer, City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council commented “The project is fantastic. The whole scheme has had a massive impact on the local area, attracting so many sports, the pitch is now booked up for the foreseeable future. The lighting is spectacular given the constraints we had with the dual carriageway. We use quite a lot of Thorn products within the council, but these top the lot. The new LED luminaires are a great addition to the refurbishment of this popular and well-used sports facility. We are delighted with results which fit in with our aims to find effective, energy-efficient and more environmentally friendly solutions to replace outdated energy and lighting.”

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