Education - Why Refurbish a classroom?

So why refurbish an educational facility, or in this case let's discuss the benefits of refurbishing a classroom!

Let's discuss the benefits from two sides. One is the savings that the end user (decision maker of the project) can gain through to the benefits to those using the space - in this case learners.

Benefits for the end user:

  • Energy savings: using fewer luminaires, consuming less energy plus control for daylight & presence can offer significant energy savings.
  • Maintenance cost reduction – Fewer luminaires may be required to light the space with far superior lifetimes resulting in reduced maintenance costs.
  • ROI (can often be within 18 months)
  • Increased lifetime of installation
  • Better control of light where its needed and only when it is needed

Let's take a look at what happens in a classroom environment when moving from the soon to be banned fluorescent lamps to LED...

Benefits for learners:

  • Greater cylindrical illuminance for increased non-verbal communication – key for learners
  • Adherence to latest EN12464-1:2021 - Light that considers the user of the space and their needs
  • Greater glare control leading to greater comfort over long periods of time
  • Opportunity to improve acoustics potentially increasing the ability to listen and learn

City, University of London

In 2017 City, University of London undertook a refurbishment project including replacement of T5/T8 fluorescent battens. 

Read all about the energy savings achieved and more here.